Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mail Art

is celebrated in late January or early February,
based on a lunar calendar. I confess, I don't
comprehend the calculations, and I found
conflicting information on the internet as to
what date this year's celebration begins.
According to Wikipedia, it is January 31 this year.
2014 is the Year of the Horse.

Above, a post card created for mail art.
Gesso over scrap cardboard- 4" x 6".
  I drew on the dry gesso, then 
inked with Sharpie marker. Watercolor was
applied, then highlighter in pink and orange
(in the flower petals) along with colored pencil
and gold marker.  Red and gold are the colors
considered to be good luck...


  1. This is stunning. I adore the drawing/inking of the horse. You draw SO well.

    I've been researching Chinese New Year, too. I read that some call it the Year of the WOODEN Horse, so my mind went to rocking horse. Guess you know what I'll be creating for my CNY post this year.

    Of course, when I think of you and colors, I always think oriental. Your colors seem to inspire that in me. And this piece is SO you. I love the flower and the Greek key, too. Perfect mail art. Someone is going to be very lucky to receive it. Happy early CNY.

  2. I love your art Dianne. Are you on IUOMA?

  3. I had to look up what IUOMA... It's the International Union of Mail Artists. I'm not a member, but looks like great fun!


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