Tuesday, January 14, 2014

T Tuesday -- Art Journal Pages

I received a Mini Smash Book
for Christmas! The pages measure
5" x 7" and have fun background
designs on each page, as in the 
regular Smash Books. It can be used
for scrapbooking, but I choose to 
use it as an art journal. Above
represents the date I received it-
12/27/13.  Collage includes scrapbook
paper, my watercolor illustrations,
fabric, and pen & ink doodles.

I doodled on the inside cover too...
I often repeat motifs that appear 
elsewhere on the pages.

Above, a delightful letter style
spotted on Pinterest, pinned from
Flickr.  The letters are as wide as
they are tall, with curlicue accents.
Not difficult to draw, and a way to
change up art journal pages.

Sometimes the days after Christmas and New Year
leave me feeling sad.  The festivities are over,
the company has gone home, and it's time to take
down the decorations.  The cold weather and
lack of sunshine further deplete my energy.
So, a page full of color and positive thoughts
is something that helps me feel better.  Above,
scrapbook paper, images from a collage sheet,
and images on the Smash Book backgground
with some doodles added.

Revisiting a collage from the Scrappy Green Journal
for my beverage reference today.  

Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover 
gifted me with a gorgeous
scrappy journal, (several years ago)
and I got to fill the pages with art.
She included the Ice Cafe packaging
 on the page background. I am not sure
if she knew at that point how fond I am
of coffee and chocolate together, but it
was a fun embellishment for the page,
and very appropriate for me!

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Your art journal pages are bright and colorful. That lettering you saw on Pinterest is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh Dianne, I'm always in awe of your books. I simply love everything you do, but don't understand the concept of Smash books. I think you would be able to create a better smash book than anything someone bought you. Regardless, I love how you have started! And it was good to see pages from the Green Journal again.

    Comments you left the past few days deserve a response, too. First, I have a 1" circle punch. I bought one and it fell apart. It was EK Success or something like that. When they wouldn't take it back, Kathy bought me one that is marvelous. It's really easy to use, too, unlike the first one, which required me to press down on the entire unit.

    Also, you asked if I had placed anything under the Olympic flags. No, but I have another two spreads I'm working on that DO include items underneath the flags. And that was before you asked about them. After your question, it gave me the idea that maybe I should go in after the Olympics and record how many medals each country won. Thanks for asking these questions and inspiring me.

  3. Happy T-day Dianne!
    Very interesting journal pages. I am going to have to try that lettering you found on Pinterest, looks like fun.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I've been browsing your blog and what lovely art you have here! Love your Year of the Horse MailArt. I need to do something similar. Hope you stop by and visit often! Hugs! deb

  5. I don't see a place to follow you on your sidebar. If i did , i would! :)deb

  6. That mini Smash Book looks like a very fun gift! I love the pages that you have done so far. Happy T Day!

  7. I love the ferny doodles in the one near the end, but they are all lovely

  8. You made beautiful use of your smash journal gift. The collages are fun, and your watercolors are just stunning. Happy T Day a bit late.

  9. Love the coverof your jounal, they rest is bright and colourful too! One thing I keep saying I'm going to have a go at....we'll see!! Happy very late T day!
    ((Lyn)) #13

  10. i agree that bright colors & positive thoughts help improve energy level. your colorful journal pages are just the thing :)

  11. Gosh. Your art journal is fabulous. I am with you on the tweenie time (betweenie Christmas and New Year)! But there is hope of Spring with the colours on your page.
    Thanks for popping over. Time to make me hot chocolate for bed now.

  12. i agree January can be a bit of a downer. we are in such high gear for christmas all our energy goes in to making it a great holiday. it's taken me a couple weeks to get back on track and find some motivation.

    i really like your lettering in your journal. thanks for sharing

  13. How fun working on a new journal! That would definitely brighten the short (but lengthening) days.
    Ummmm! Coffee and chocolate!!
    Happy late T-Day! :)


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