Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink Journal Completed

The little pink journal that had 
just 24 pages, is complete...
here are some pages that have
been posted on the blog in the past.

The "barracuda" page is my favorite...

I have left these drawings (above) without color,
but am not sure I will be able to resist adding it.
The detail of a statue (right) is drawn from an art history
textbook...such a serene expression on this queen.
She looks very Buddha-like...

Slay your dragon, whatever it may be...
jump in and make art!


  1. I adore the cover of your Pink Journal. It is a complete lesson in balance and color. What a great way to learn collage. I always learn something when I visit your blog. And of course, I don't think your pages are all the same. You make awesome pages and your drawings are beyond belief. I especially like the Buddha looking woman.

  2. Some gorgeous pages. The baracuda is my favorite too. Nice!

  3. I love the pages, I wish I could draw like that. If is beautiful.

  4. Your art is unique and beautiful, but I can identify with your feelings. I am always trying to find my way. I guess when I quit trying my life will be at its end.

  5. Oh, do I love these colors! I love that bird spread! It's just vibrant with life!

    I do like that barracuda page, too!

  6. What a gorgeous journal, full of fabulous art work. My favorite is the Indian spread, and I do NOT think your pages are becoming formulaic.

  7. Really lovely to see so much of your artwork all together!
    Each page is so special and must be very pleased with your Pink Journal!


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