Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fool

April Fool's Day
is a day when people play jokes on
each other. The Roman festival of 
Hilaria, held on March 25th, and the
Medieval Festival of Fools, on Dec.28th,
may be the beginnings of April Fools Day.

Iranians play jokes on each other on the 13th
day of the Persian New Year, which falls on
April 1st or 2nd, and many believe that it
is the origin of April Fool's Day.

A "fool" is also a term for a court jester,
who entertained the king and court.
According to Wikipedia, "The fool's status
was one of privilege within a royal or noble 
household. His folly could be regarded as the
ravings of a madman, but was often deemed
divinely inspired."  Jesters served not only
to amuse, but to criticize their master
and mistress, or guests.

The jester could mock and freely dispense
insight, while a nobleman could find himself
in the dungeon for similar remarks!

"What soap is to the body,
laughter is to the soul."
~ Yiddish Proverb

Have you had a good laugh today?


  1. I am in LOVE with these drawings. I am so in awe of your art. I keep saying you need to turn these into rubber stamps. I know LOTS of people would buy them. And that's no fooling, either!!

  2. outstanding drawings!! Love all the history you included as well.

  3. Fabulous art work to go with such interesting info ...
    thank you for your kind get well wishes too!

    Happy Easter
    Happy Spring
    Happy Happy Everything!


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