Monday, March 26, 2012

Art Journal Thoughts

Art journal pages can be many things.
These pages are expressions of
what was on my mind this week...
unseasonably warm weather, 
blessed green buds and the
joy of spring blooms...

Renewal is something that nature
shows us in dramatic ways.
People also need to be renewed
in spirit, nourishment, thought,
and in fun!

Incorporated in this journal page is
a shopping list and some images from
posters that I used for a talk that I gave.
Lots of doodles and fabric create
additional color and texture.
Food for Thought, and healthy
Food for the Body are both
important priorities...

and art helps feed my spirit.


  1. It appears you are NOT having a hard time with the new blogger. I simply won't use it, even though there are things about it that make it easier to use. I have my "new improved" blogger turned off and am still using the oldie, at least until they shut me down.

    I like all these lovely pages. The middle one reminds me of spring and a door you would walk through to get there. Of course, food is always a fun collage to enjoy. And this page on food is every well done. Great to see these pages.

  2. Beautiful pages! I am trying to doodle more so I was really inspired by your' s.

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  5. lovely journal pages - the second one makes me think of a hobbit house or a fairy door in the woods - fun!

  6. Great journal pages, beautiful with color and composition!

    Enjoyed the visit today...

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I always love the colors you use. These pages are really pretty and really represent Spring!


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