Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Color Swap

Color swap pages for Jan at
The colors she chose were
pink and orange.

Couldn't resist using my stash of
fabrics, and embellishing them
with embroidery for texture.
Photo images are from a 
collage sheet. (unknown source)

 Dresden plate quilt pieces
showed up on this page...

I enjoy the combination of 
fabric and paper, and stitching
through both. Some of the stitching
is drawn on in Sharpie pen.

The tag for the pocket 
used a tag from the office supply store
painted and collaged.
Sharpie pen 'stitching'
around the edges.

I hope your day 
is filled with color!


  1. I really hope you are able to get this comment. I see you have removed comment moderation, which is hopefully helpful.

    I truly love these pages. The hand sewing is always such a welcome addition, and I really love that you included all that sewing for Jan. These are stunning pages and a very hard act for me to follow.

  2. YAH! It worked. Great idea to get rid of that extra effort when people want to leave a comment on your posts.

  3. thanks E! you are always so encouraging and I appreciate your comments so much! guess removing the comment moderation helped...

  4. Love the addition of the fabric. I've been using more fabric lately as well. Gives good texture.


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