Friday, October 28, 2011

Art Journal Pages

More pages from the 
Scrappy Green Journal.
Above, drawing and collage.
The flap with writing opens up
to reveal the drawing of a face.

The notes about drawing a face
tell how I approach the process.
On the left, 'found poetry' from
a book about art of the early middle ages.

Click on any image for
a closer view.

This Scrappy Green Journal was a 
gift from Elizabeth. She sewed two signatures
of pages into a book with a green fabric cover.
The pages are a wonderful assortment
of scrap papers and recycled images.
Flaps and pockets abound.
The yellow Post-It note was a flap,
so naturally I had to add images underneath it.

Quotes and doodles...

Paper and fabric scraps...

The ice cafe package is sewn on
to make a little pocket
that holds a tag.

Notes on 'shading' are written on
a piece of paper from a
vintage-style popcorn bag,
which I glued onto the page, 
along with the fabric scraps.

It has been a lovely journey in this book...
and an incredibly generous gift from
Elizabeth. Only about 5 more pages
are left to go, which is sad in a way.
But I have many more journals
so there will be no lack of opportunity
to keep making art! 

I have signed up for 
Mary Ann Moss' on-line class
"Full Tilt Boogie," so be looking
for the results of my 'studies' here...
I am going to be making more journals
and plan to reveal them here!

What is your favorite  journal?
Did you make it or purchase it, and what
 do you put in it?  I love to receive comments,
so share your insights!
Have a colorful day...


  1. I'm intrigued by Mary Ann's class. I have an old photo album that I have be a little afraid to tackle maybe this class would be the kick start I need. Unfortunatly, there are about three other classes I want to take, too, decisions, decisions! Love what you have done to Elizabeth's already cool book. What a great piece!

  2. I have been using journals that I got at Barnes and noble. They are mass produced, hardback, with pages that tear out. The paper is sturdy, even if it's not wonderful texture. I like being able to tear out pages if I'm going dimensional. And the hardback covers let me toss them and stack things on them and they don't fall apart. Clunky, but also a good size for what I liek to do.

    Thanks for sharing these pages. Very well done! Interesting details.


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