Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art Journal Pages

Art Journal pages 
in the 9" x 12" journal.
Above, background of craft acrylics,
phone book pages and
gesso, with watercolor drawing
added last.
Click on any image to
view enlargement.

Above: Random magazine clippings,
painted papers, a map
and collage images combined
to create this page.

Above: The word 'signs' came first.
It was from a poster that I had made
for a talk that I gave.  I tried to think
of as many phrases as I could
with that word in it ...
Craft acrylic background, scrapbook papers,
phone book clippings, watercolor and 
acrylic painted papers, and 
Sharpie pen.  

What signs do you look for?


  1. brilliant pages Dianne on so many even employed my fav #13

  2. These are all incredible pages, from the collage to your handpainted sketch. Simply gorgeous, each and every one.

  3. Hi Dianne, your work is so interesting and colourful. I love all the quotes you have on your side bar too and thanks for popping in for tea today. xx

  4. Gorgeous pages, Dianne! Each one so different and full of personality. Who knew that the lowly yellow pages could be elevated into such a beautiful piece of art?!?! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Love the pages. I never thought of using a phone book. Great idea. Ihave lots of those all the time.


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