Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Collage and Quotes

I realized that my desire to 
fill my journal with complex
two-page spreads was
leaving my art journal a bit empty.

So I've been working backwards
in the journal and doing quick collages
and quotes on the back side
of some of the pages.

You may remember the monsters
from the Index Card a Day challenge...
I thought of them when I wrote down
this quote and glued the card 
into my art journal.

A piece of art made years ago
when I was trying out 
rubber stamping as a medium.
There are lots of drawings 
and doodles too...
This was torn from a drawing pad/sketchbook
and collaged into my journal.


  1. You have been very busy! Such lovely work!

  2. working backwards...good idea
    i like your pages of quotes and phrases
    and the doodle stamped page (real full one) i love it!!

    i was having issues filling my journals too...then i began with characters of books i read...and i am having fun again with the process...not so much concerned with the outcome it is just all for fun and that helped me a lOT!

    your posts are all so beautiful..i am really enjoying getting caught up with you


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