Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Retrospective: FACES

2009, collage on recycled cardboard, above.
Scraps of painted papers & cardstock,
hand-carved stamping, acrylic paint,
Sharpie drawing over pieced collage.

2009, Collage on recycled cardboard, above.
Cardboard cut into profile shape and collaged.
Watercolors, scrapbook papers,
hand-carved stamps, magazine words,
negative & positive shapes utilized.

2009 crayon drawing
glued into my art journal--
I colored right along with
a 3-year old...

12.26.08 Blue Faces
a "use up the paint on the palette"
painting, in acrylic

2009 pen drawing
of African mask,
in my art journal.

2008 "Botanical" collage.
Magazine images, drawing of
female face in Sharpie, columnar paper.

2008 "Flower & Face"
acrylic paint, painted cardstock, fabric,
sticker, hand-carved stamps,
magazine image, in my
art journal.

2008 "found poetry"
and drawing in art journal...
'strata of rocks' theme resurfaces...

2008 pen sketch
after DaVinci...
"Why does the eye see a thing
more clearly in dreams
than the imagination when awake?"

2007 pencil drawing in
my art journal--
self-portrait in reading glasses.

2004 watercolor in my art journal--
Muslim woman's face.

Playing with collage and paint,
2004 art journal page.

2003 matte acrylic painting from
a magazine photograph of
a Mayan sculpture & glyphs--
in my art journal.
My 2003 drawing from a magazine photo
of a
Mayan artifact that was
carved from bone.

"In painting or anything, you cannot have hate. If you have hate, you destroy the picture and yourself. You can have hunger, you can have thirst, you can have great feeling for texture, you can be sensitive to touch, you can be sensitive to color, but for the head you've got to be sensitive to love. Otherwise it will not work...Now, that love won't change the shape, but it will add something...this radiates out from the's in the air between myself and the object I'm looking at."
- Ivan Albright, painter


  1. טוב תודה לך נושא יותר נפלא

  2. the above comment appears to be posted in Hebrew and roughly translates:

    Well thank you more great topic


  3. Your face drawings are marvelous. I especially like the first one for its unique use of scraps along with the face. I think that is such a wonderful and inventive technique.

    I also love the "self portrait with glasses." I feel like I know you now and could pick you out if you passed me on the street.

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