Monday, July 20, 2009

Give-Away Winners!

Vintage "Congratulations" postcard image for you
to copy and use in your artwork, if you like...

Thanks to all who have visited my blog and followed
my journey through art! Your comments
are very appreciated. Creating and updating this blog
has helped me make artwork more often,
and therefore grow...

May the "bluebird of happiness" sit and sing upon your shoulder...
another vintage image for you...

I decided to add a third gift to the give-away...
Two ATC's featuring Asian images. The background is
hand-painted watercolor with stamped images,
the Asian ladies are purchased ephemera.
These are the only two in the edition
....and the winner of the two ATC's is...
Please contact me through my email
(click on e-mail on my profile page)

This little hand-made book with blank pages
should make a quick little project for
collages, photos, or any greetings...
...the winner of the mini accordion book is...
an evolving
Please contact me via email. Hope you enjoy it!

The last (and my favorite) gift is the Art Doll...
She is created from muslin, hand-painted & hand-sewn.
Designs were drawn on in permanent marker
and stamped in acrylics with hand-carved stamps.
Some glitter glue and seed beads add
a bit of sparkle...
...the winner is...
Remember, all winners should contact me via e-mail
by July 27th,
so that I am able to get your contact information
and send these gifts to you. If I don't receive a reply,
I will draw another name after July 27th.

Congratulations to all the winners, and
Thank You so much for encouraging me on
my journey in Art!


  1. WOW! How very exciting!! She is gorgeous and I promise to take great care of her!
    Thanks! ;)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment...I love the "blue bird of happiness"........

  3. You have some very, very lucky winners, Dianne. I'm sure they will love your art as much as I. I also love your blog and I'm just really tickled to get a chance to view it through this blog, which has helped motivate you as my blog motivates me. Congrats on one year, congrats on keeping up with your blog, and congrats on being such a terrific artist.

  4. Hi Dianne, just wondered if you got the email I sent you?


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