Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Journaling at Boy Scout Camp

Art Journal Page: Craft acrylic paint, gel pen, ball point pen.

Another "use up the paints in the palette" composition--
hate to waste paint!

Spent a couple of days at BSA summer camp,
volunteering in the Handicrafts area. Leftover paint creates
the background. Images and journaling completed after
returning home.

There were over 300 scouts in camp during the week
I helped out, and 123 merit badges were worked on
in the Handicrafts area, including Woodcarving, Leatherwork,
Basketry, Sculpture, Indian Lore, and Art. It has been
7 years since I was the Director of Handicrafts at the camp,
so several things had changed, but not the
way the boys enjoy their time at camp...

Beautiful sunshine, the sparkle of the lake, the shouts
of boys swimming, the laughter and singing at
meals, the rush to finish their merit badge requirements
on the last day of camp...

I hope you will click to enlarge the picture
to read the journaling on these pages.

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