Friday, February 20, 2009

Mixed Media Tag

A chipboard tag from a clothing purchase
recycled into art through
mixed media collage...
it was laying on the table with the
Sale sticker still attached...

The silver background on the tag and
my supplies still laying out from a
previous project just
begged to be made into a
quick collage!
Thanks to my friend Elizabeth,
I have some lovely handmade papers
that she gifted to me,
and I want to use each
tiny scrap, because I know
they were so time-consuming to make!
Used: painted fabric, acrylics
painted brown paper bag (gold)
hand-made paper (peach)
vintage sheet music
scrapbook papers


  1. Diane - I LOVE this tag. You have given me a new way of looking of clothing tags. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Diane,
    what a lovely tags you made!!! And what a dear friend to give away such beautifull papers!

  3. I have a drawer full of these things - i just knew one day i would be inspired to do something with them! Some of them are so substantial - with grommets and such. Also thanks for the nice comment on my blog!


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