Sunday, February 15, 2009

Respond to your environment

"Azaleas," Dianne Bishop Carey, 2009
watercolor, pen & ink
Artistic inspiration comes from many sources...
and generations of artists have fallen in love
with a particular geographical area or
culture...the way the light falls on the
architecture or plants--
the colors and shapes of the
countryside...the exploration of traditions...
the atmosphere of the place.
Georgia O'Keeffe found unending
inspiration in the light, colors
and shapes of the desert...

Hills--Lavender, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
1935, Georgia O'Keeffe

Frida Kahlo's images of pain and
self-examination nevertheless often
reflected the bright colors and culture of the
Mexican folk art traditions.
The environment that artists find
themselves in, or choose to respond to...
can have a dramatic impact on their work.

Self-Portrait "The Frame"
1938, Frida Kahlo

That is not to say that artists must travel
to exotic places to create---
on the contrary, it is vital that we create
wherever we are and whenever
we are able. But, a change of
scenery can inspire just because it
is different from what we
usually see...
Palm trees, white-capped waves,
cream-colored sand and sun-bathed
colors; as opposed to gray skies,
the sparkle of 'diamonds' on snow,
intricate patterns of leafless trees,
and graceful spruce laden with
heavy snow. One isn't better
than the other--just different--
and each inspires in its own way!

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  1. Your azaleas drawing is superb. Your use of shading techniques is amazing, and your command of watercolors leave me speechless. I can't draw, but I can appreciate.


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