Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Portion Control

Michelle Ward's Green Pepper Press
Street Team Crusade No. 28 is
"Portion Control."
The idea is that a portion of an image,
obscured, embellished, or cropped, etc.
is much more interesting than
the plain complete image
in the center of the paper.
Some of my supplies are
shown above...

These are my Art Journal pages
created with the goal of "portion control."
My previous post showing the
exploration of the primitive shape
of a bird is continued...

I used crayons & watercolor
for a resist, portions of poems
in my own handwriting,
hand-carved stamps,
black acrylic paint,
and both the positive and
negative portions of
my stencils.


  1. These are beautiful! I really like the stencils, something I have just begun to explore. I also love the colors, the soft blue cloud-like mood is lovely!


  2. Yay Dianne - you tried it all! Bravo! Thanks for sharing your work with the team. Still loving those masked birds, swoooooon.

  3. Oh, your birds are lovely ! They work so well with the portion control. Nice job, Crusader !
    Cheers !

  4. I tried to leave a message and it seems to have disappeared. I'll try again sorry if it appears twice.

    Love the birds and the journal pages

  5. Beautiful job! I LOVE birds!! xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

  6. I am starting to appreciate the bird shape myself so it was a real treat to come and see this. Its beautiful...well done!

  7. Your handmade stencils and hand carved stamps are the backbone of this piece, but the way you put them all together in a cohesive piece is ingenious. You have a real way with birds in your art journal.

  8. Oh Diane - I LOVE those bird stencils and stamps. Congratulations on such a wonderful, original piece! Hugs, Marci

  9. This is so pretty...I love how you carried the bird shape throughout...really great!

  10. Great job. I love the feeling of movement in these pieces as well as the soft colors.

  11. I just spent some time looking at your blog - all the way down to Green ATC's. I love everything on here! I really enjoyed spending time here. Very inspiring. I signed up for your friend Elizabeth's online class for Altered Books. Can't wait to get started. Hope I can be half as talented as you! Thanks for sharing yourself.
    ~Nina in San Diego~

  12. Thanks so much Judy & Neen, (I looked to see if you had blogs I could visit, but didn't locate any) and all who have stopped by to visit. I so enjoy receiving your comments and words of encouragement! I am glad to share my artwork--even though that can be scary at times--and hope to continue to learn more every all help inspire me!

  13. The page really turn out nice and delicious !!
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Your birds are beautiful. I love the page where it looks like jigsaw pieces have been lifted out and moved round the page - so interesting.

  15. I love birds. The way you have expressed them is so wonderful. Your pages inspire me to work on creating my own stamps and stencils.


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