Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shape Up!

Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team Blog
Crusade No. 27 is called
Shape Up!
She challenged us to explore
a shape: think positive & negative,
large & small...

These Art Journal pages were first painted
with watercolors for the background.
Primitive bird shapes were cut
from paper and then pastels
applied to the bird shape. I laid
the shape onto the journal page
and rubbed the pastel from
the stencil onto the journal
page, creating a stencil of the negative
shape. Hand-carved bird stamps
were added & quotes in calligraphy.
I also included the stencil shapes
by gluing them to the page as well.


  1. Dianne - thanks for coming to play. Love the negative of the bird - very strong image. And the carved bird is fabulous. Love your shape and your page!!

  2. Oh, those are lovely images, and the poetry you have found is a perfect match. I think your pages look great; thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Dianne,
    So glad your on the Crusade! First: I love your bird shape (I would have never thought of that!)
    And I like your stencil idea of drawing around the cut-out, it is very 'eye-opening' to see what other artists are doing. I also love your 'recipe' for the new year. I'll be back to your blog -- often.


  4. The bird shape is marvelous ! There is real, soft movement here !
    Nice job crusader !

  5. I love your shape! So original. Just stopped by from GPP. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for visitng my blog. I like the bird that you have done a nice change from the circles and squares :}

  7. These are very lovely and visually appealing journal entries. I've said it before, you should have your own stamp line. Your carved stamps are gorgeous.

  8. I think I linked to this post. I know I added the html code in my post. I just had to try this technique. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. I love the imagery of your art piece as well as the quote! Thanks for sharing it and have a sweet day!


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