Thursday, January 8, 2009

Art Journal Page-Tribal

"We evolve at the rate
of the tribe
we are plugged into."
-Carolyn Myers

This quote caught my eye and inspired
the use of tribal African art designs.
The drawing of the sculpture is from an image
in the book "Black Africa" by
Laure Meyer. It is
the crowned head of an Oni from the
12-15th century in brass & zinc alloy.
It is striking because the sculpture has
contour lines carved into the face.
The geometric forms are from
Plank Masks, used for family
rituals or funerals.
It is interesting that these
geometric forms also resemble
the forms of other tribal art, such as
Native American. Seems
that the triangle
is universal.


  1. Your drawings never cease to amaze me. The central image would make a great rubber stamp, too.

  2. Beautiful!!! I adore this, great art and love the monochrome effect. And your previous journal page is fun, made me smile - thanks.


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