Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fortune for 2009

This art journal page is the first I've completed in 2009...
it was inspired by the fortune cookie wrapper from a local Asian
restaurant.(I suppose this is a stereotypical offense is
intended to anyone of Asian descent)
I loved the limited color palette, which I'm sure was used
partially due to the manufacturer's desire to limit printing costs.
I sewed the cellophane wrapper to the page by hand using yellow/orange
variegated thread. I continued adding stitches around the watercolor
and ink images because I liked the texture it created. It reminded me
of the old "sewing cards" I had as a kid, that were prepunched
cardboard that you threaded yarn through. The fortune
in the lower right corner reads: "You will have
many friends when you need them."
That is my wish for all of you
in 2009!

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  1. I was sure I left a comment on this lovely piece, but apparently I left it elsewhere.

    This is such a stunning example of how you incorporate the flotsum that enters our lives and turn it into a genuine piece of art.



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