Friday, January 2, 2009

Altered Book Spread

I've been working on an altered book that has a different technique featured each month. I also focused on the holiday or season for that month. Past blog posts have shown July, August and September. This is the process for December's spread. I started by painting the pages with acrylics-in dark maroons & reds. Over the dark under painting I applied white, light green and pink by drybrushing, scrubbing, and blending with my fingers. I used a paper napkin to remove some of the paint
when it obscured the dark color underneath.

Acrylic paint that had been thinned with water was used to write words & create "swirls..."

Here is the spread with final collage elements added. I still have a few pages to fill at the end of the book, and the front & back covers to complete.


  1. Really great spread. Your writing and the swirls is so well done!

  2. I only wish I could write and make those beautiful swirls you are so good at making. The end product is really enhanced by them. The images you chose are so right for the feel of the piece, too.

    Great job!


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