Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Flowers

The finished spread. Embroidery done by hand using fly stitch, lazy-daisy stitch, back stitch and french knots. The watercolor was painted by me, inspired by a painting by Alfred John Billinghurst (b. 1880) called The Herbaceous Border. I may have to put this aside for a day or two to decide whether or not it's really finished...I tend to want to keep embellishing...what do you think?


  1. very nice and yes it works for all the steps for me at least ..... Linda F

  2. This is a lovely spread. The way you gave a detailed account of the steps you took to make it was superb. It was great to see this piece from beginning to finished product.

    You really are a great artist and your composition for this piece is amazing. I really enjoyed seeing it develop.


  3. Love this spread. It turned out beautiful. I like the way you showed the steps too. Jean


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