Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mail Art Postcard

A Mail Art postcard I am sending
to a friend in Kentucky...
mixed media including craft
acrylic paints, stamping with acrylic, junk-mail image of sunflowers, magazine clipping, and hand-carved stamps (the faces & green stamped design). I wonder what the mail carrier thinks about mail art...I suppose they are not surprised by much any more...anyway, hope it brings some joy to the people who see it...


  1. Dianne, Love your mail art. So colorful.

  2. Dianne - I like your stuff! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog - I wish I was as diligent in putting stuff up as you are :).

    As far as approaching a gallery, I would think you might be in an ideal location - a smaller city where your work can stand out! Also, belonging to the different local art groups I do gives me opportunities I probably wouldn't have on my own. I say go for it - and good luck!


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