Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pottery Shards

As we walked along the lake shore of a nearby reservoir, we came across an eroded bank. Discards from a farm or home that had once been nearby had been exposed by the erosion. There were pieces of rusty metal (some of you altered jewelry or sculpture artists probably would have salvaged this, but I did not) glass, clay tile, pottery shards, and other things. I brought home a few pieces of pottery that still had bits of pretty glaze on them. I don't know what I'll do with them...any ideas? And what type of adhesive could I use? I would be interested in your comments and suggestions.


  1. This is an example of what you could do with that broken pottery

    Charlotte uses broken china in her jewelry, but since your pieces are bigger, maybe you could collage them in a shadow box. They are really pretty!

  2. mosaic...take the pieces as they are or cut them up more..use tile nippers

    you can use everything you found...add to it just anything you want plastic, metal, branches,bone,old dishes or glasses to fill in around your found pieces...a mosaic can be done on anything
    furniture, an old planter that might need re-energizing,a easy beginner project/ take a frame, mosaic the frame add a mirror...project complete...

    to glue i have used silicone or for tiles
    it depends on if you are putting it in weather or inside
    just read what you are using for what the glue can stand
    then grout
    clean up with a cloth and water or a soft sponge...polish
    and admire...


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