Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Mad Tea Party 2020

Revisiting a drawing from 2018,
Johnny Depp's portrayal of the
Mad Hatter...

I've always wanted to have a Mad Tea Party!
With mismatched cups, tea, cakes and cookies.
And maybe some art projects too.

My drawing after Sir John Tenniel's
original illustration of the Mad Hatter.

Perhaps we should just not invite the
Queen of Hearts. She seems a bit

Hopefully we can avoid any swimming 

and the wild  mushrooms will be tasty,
but not hallucinogenic in any way.

We can finish off with some tarts!
Would you like strawberry or cherry?

And of course, there must be tea!
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  1. Love your fantastic Alice art, you have created a wonderland for T Day. Have a great one. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Awesome art drawings! I always love seeing them Happy T

  3. I love your art journal pages. These are fantastic. Happy T-Day!

  4. I read every word you shared. I see you made your own mask. We are supposed to wear them when outside in public. I love your Alice drawings. You are SO, SO talented. Love, love the Queen and the way she (or is that you) needs all that help.

    Yes, I saw all the coffee cups, but I would gladly have a tea party, too. Your tea pot is GORGEOUS and perfectly shaped, too. Thanks for sharing your incredible art and drawings with us for T this Tuesday, dear Dianne.

    BTW, right before I saw your name, I checked my mailbox. Your letter or card is sitting quarantine for a day after I sprayed it. I don't take any chances. One good thing, I won't have to spray the contents, because I trust you don't have the virus.

  5. Oh my- I am in love with your delicious and fabulous Mad tea party art!!! You are such a talented illustrator (sorry if I'm using the wrong description but I do mean the highest praise) Happy T day!

  6. Your Alice in Wonderland drawings are just fantastic. How fun! I'm glad your back sharing these journal pages for tea. That is one classy teapot too. Hope it was a great day. Hugs-Erika

  7. I just watched Johnny Depp at the Mad Hatter in the movie. Love that version. He's just so "much" and you've captured his muchness in your drawing!Your calendar/journal pages are always a delight to look at, but you outdid yourself with the Alice in Wonderland or is that Underland? 😉Take care and Happy T Day

  8. Beautiful work and thank you for sweet memories, too!

  9. Love this ~ so creative! Great commentary too ~ I hope when this is all over You have the biggest ~ funniest ~ craziest ~ tea party ever!

  10. I love your Alice art. Drawn so well! I enlarge the images and read every detail. So much to see and enjoy.(including the statistics)
    Gandalf's quote is so true. We watched the Hobbit a couple of months ago. It was a special edition, where they also show you how the film was made. Fascinating.

    Sorry for the late comment,
    Stay safe,

  11. A Mad Hatter tea party sounds like great fun! Strawberry or cherry, I'll take either :) Sounds delicious!

  12. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE all your Alice drawings! They are so colorful and are perfectly authentic. How funny that saying by the mad hatter. Love how you added a bit of humor into your journLings.
    A while ago, you left me a comment about exchanging mail art. I am sorry I never responded. I would LOVE to exchange art with you! If you still have a mind to do so, drop me an email at katesscrapyard@gmail.com and I will send my address.
    Happy belated tea day!


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