Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Techo Tuesday

Drawings in my Hobonichi Techo: 
an illustrated record of 
the happenings around here.
Even though I am not on 
Instagram (at least not yet) I enjoy
doing the Hobonichi Challenge that
they have each month. (on the left)
I may need to find something to add
to that blank space...

Still enjoying the amaryllis...

Our silly unofficial US holiday, 
Groundhog Day...quite an ugly

Linking up for T Tuesday over
at Altered Book Lover's blog...
did you spot the coffee cup?  I
really do drink tea sometimes too...

Getting a lot of mileage and 
sketches out of the progress of
the amaryllis. A bit sad to see the 
blooms begin to fade, and wondering 
if I'll be able to keep the plant 
upright when the second stalk blooms!
Am I supposed to trim the dead 
blooms off?

Thanks for stopping by!
Do try visiting the rest of
the Tea gang for T Tuesday...
hope you have some
color, creativity, and 
sunshine this week!


  1. Always love your journal views Dianne. :) Your groundhog is just great! Min looks more like a thumb with eyes-but it works for me.:) I bet your amaryllis is gorgeous! Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  2. Your planner is so lovely to look at. Amaryllis is apparently a popular flower at this time. Yes, groundhog day....the same day I heard 6 more weeks of winter I saw a flock of robins for the first time so I'll believe them:):) Have a great week Dianne and happy T day!

  3. Once again, your journal pages put mine to shame. I was truly in love with Punxsutawney Phil. It's a beautiful rendition of the so-ugly-he's-cute ground hog. I especially liked the "Prairie Schooler" cardinal. It caught my eye.

    Had to laugh that you didn't watch the Superbowl. And finally, you, Valerie, and Chris should get together and compare notes on your amaryllis and ways to keep them upright. I have never seen so many of these until this year.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely coffee mugs and coffee cups drawn in your Techo Journal for T this Tuesday. I always love seeing your beautiful art created each week.

  4. I ALWAYS enjoy a stroll through your journal/planner/sketch book.
    Have a great week and Happy T-day

  5. Your journal pages are fabulous, as always. Your amaryllis is great. My 3 blooms on the first stem survived without a support, but the second shoot has 5 blooms and it fell over, but the flowers were not damaged and are blooming in a glass vase now. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Once again, I am in awe of your fantastic journal pages, you always add beautiful illustrations to the pages.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  7. Lovely journal pages! As I do exercise so I can eat yummy treats, it made me smile that you had Zumba and oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips on the same page :-). I'm glad your amaryllis is still flowering and making you smile :-). Happy T Day! J :-)

  8. I know you'll be sorry when that plant finally fades away, but I've certainly enjoyed your pictures :) Happy T Tuesday

  9. Your journal pages are so fun to look at. Love your groundhog. We used to have one that lived under the shed. I thought he was quite cute. At first, I thought your coffee cup was a long, tall glass of iced tea under the blazing sun. Is is July, yet? Your amyrillis must be gorgeous!

  10. Amazing ideas with lots going on

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Lovely as always. I've never had an amaryllis...one of these years I'm going to have to try that!
    Happy T day!

  12. February is already looking fabulous by the looks of your wonderful journal pages Dianne!
    What a joy your amaryllis is.
    I have no idea how they are kept.
    Happy February oxo

  13. Amaryllis are spectacular when they bloom. You've captured them so beautifully in your journal that you'll stil be able to enjoy them after the blooms are gone.

    Google ssya, "Cut the old flowers from the stem after flowering, and when the stem starts to sag, cut it back to the top of the bulb ... Continue to water and fertilize as normal all summer, or for at least 5-6 months, allowing the leaves to fully develop and grow."

    Happy T Day!

  14. I am once again so impressed with your pages Dianne! My Amaryliss is giving me so much pleasure too! They seem to grow so quickly! I am enjoying filling in my planner even though I cheat with tapes and stickers mostly!! Belated Happy T Day! (we went off to the cinema again yesterday - Manchester By The Sea - I can understand why it has been nominated for awards) Chrisx

  15. Great pages and love, love love the amaryllis drawings! I haven't grown one in a few years and after seeing all of the lovely ones this year I definitely need to be sure and get one or two or three this coming fall. :)


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