Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Travel Journaling ~ on T Tuesday

Travel Journaling is the theme for
The Documented Life Project for June 2015.
This week the challenge was 
illustrative journaling. Of course I chose
to draw, but there are many other ways of
illustrating your experiences while traveling.
Collaging illustrations from travel brochures,
 maps, and photos would all be great possibilities.

As usual, I did some sketching while hubby
drove the car.  It's kind of amazing the
 things you can see along the road
 to draw ~ when you are looking
for them!  The crumpled orange barrel
still makes me smile...a classic icon for
driver frustration.  Please do click on the image
to see the details, especially the
'Blasting Ahead' sign!
(There were no signs of actual 'blasting'
as we drove through the area, however,
thank goodness!)

We had a wonderful time in Tennessee for
a couple of days, just visiting our son's family
and spending time at the pool. 

I draw in my calendar/agenda...after 
participating in The
Documented Life Project 2014, I wasn't
ready to give up decorating an 
agenda-type journal.  This isn't
 nearly as complex as last 
year's, but has enough space to draw
and collage when the inspiration strikes.

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for the T Tuesday blog hop, in which
we share a beverage, and what we've
been 'up to.'  Visit the link to
join us for tea! (or coffee, or whatever)

Artist Trading Card: watercolor & pen

  I hope you are having
some summer fun, and 
enjoying each moment 
to the fullest!


  1. I am so impressed with your sketching Dianne. Your drawing skills are fabulous!!Happy T day!

  2. What a wonderful art journal you have! I am going on a trip to England soon, and I am soaking up inspiration. Will look around your blog some more, really enjoy your drawings. Happy T-Day!

  3. Your journal pages are fabulous! You are so good at sketching; very inspirational. And your lettering is a delight to see. Happy Skippy T Day :D

  4. The crumpled barrel and :there's a maniac in front of me" both had me smiling. Of course, so did your lovely drawings!

  5. I LOVE your travel journal page! So funny and clever! Glad you had a nice visit.
    happy T day!

  6. I have trouble making recognizable drawings at the best of times, much less in a moving car lol! There's inspiration there, though, no doubt. :)

  7. I apologize for being so late. I've had trouble with my internet all day. First, I thought it was fixed earlier in the afternoon, then it went down as I was preparing to leave you a comment. SO frustrating.

    The crumpled orange barrels (and their cone cousins) always make me smile, too. One of the reasons I refused to join Documented Life Project was because in 2014 it was SO complicated and difficult. Seems also like the person with the most washi tape had the best journal. So glad to read they scaled back, but I like how you have kept up with the pages. I sure like your coffee and nectarine for breakfast. Beautifully done, too.

    Thanks for including us on your road trip to your son's in TN. It was a lovely trip, especially since you shared it in your journal with us. And thanks, too, for the wonderful breakfast you shared. I'll have some more coffee, please. I think I'm going to need it to keep this internet going!

  8. Fantastic sketches Dianne! Happy belaled T-DAY!

  9. Love your journal pages !!!! I really need to get back to mine !

  10. It is always fun seeing your latest sketches/drawings dear Dianne!
    Happy T Day eventho it's Thursday.

  11. I think it is so cool that you can draw in a moving car. I haven't tried that. I always enjoy your sketches. I'm getting as much out of summer as I can.

    Darla (sorry to be so late)

  12. Well first off let me apologize for the late Tday 'flyby'! its crazy around here ... again... Love your travel journal sketches. You are so talented! Me? I can never draw or read in a car as it makes me car sick...uughh... Happy BELATED Tday....Hugs! deb


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