Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Green Tea Tuesday

I've mentioned before that
I tend to have several 
art journals in progress
at one time...

but when I come across
a journal that hasn't had 
an entry for three years,
and still isn't completed...

 I decided it's time to remedy the 
situation.  The first entry in
this journal is from 2006! 
The most recent drawings were 
dated 2012. So I've dubbed this journal 
"The On Again ~Off Again" journal...
there are several stops and
starts with gaps of a year or two
in between.  It is interesting to see
the changes/similarities in my work.
There are only about twelve more
'spreads' left to finish the pages, so
I've decided this little journal is 
'next up' to be completed.

I wonder if perhaps I've had
 too many "irons in the fire" at once?

Linking up with Elizabeth's
T Tuesday blog party, with
another wobbly tea cup drawing,
and a bit of collage. This green tea
with pomegranate, raspberry and
strawberry is quite enjoyable, and
of course colorful packaging is 
also a plus for collage fodder! 

Elizabeth's Tea Tuesday link party
will celebrate its second anniversary
next week, so do join us for



  1. LOL your "confessional" page made me grin Dianne.
    With your prolific talent I can see where you'd have more than a few journals going at a time. Amazing how quickly time passes too!
    Nice to see you for T again...wishing you a Happy July oxo

  2. Love your art today Dianne!!! I have several of those types of journal :) I also have many that are almost full except for the last few pages. So this summer it has been my goal to fill them up .

  3. Lovely colorful pages! I was just commenting to Elizabeth that I am afraid if I ever started more than one AB, none of them would get finished! But then, it is like rediscovering an old friend if it sparks your creativity!

  4. Your fruity tea sounds refreshing on this hot morning :) More than one project at the time gives you a choice depending on your mood. Have fun!

  5. Bright green and lavender must be one of my favourite colour combinations. It makes me think of the artist Isaac Grünewald, and this portrait in particular:

    Happy T-Day!

  6. Well i just love all your journal pages! I keep more of an sketch book/idea book than an art journal although some journaling does go on in there too! Happy happy Tday!!! Hugs! deb

  7. You have made me feel better....I have a journal that I haven't touched since we moved in here! I do like to have 4 or 5 journals at least on the go - different paper, different sizes... Love your journal pages! Happy T day! Chrisx

  8. Your pages rock, no matter their inception date. Your tea sounds delicious. Happy T Day :-D

  9. I'm definitely guilty of too many irons in the fire. And a host of UFO's. Your pages are really cool. I like the colorful scallops on the first page so much!!
    Happy T day...a day late!

  10. I inadvertently lost Elizabeth's comment, so here is a copy:

    I had to laugh at your mention of your journal dating back to 2006. My coffee AB dates back to 2004, and I can truthfully say I really SUCKED back then. But your art always inspires, whether it's 2006 or 2015.

    Thanks for sharing your On Again, Off Again entries with us for T this Tuesday. I had fun seeing these latest pages.
    Bleubeard and Elizabeth


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