Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Break Time

Sharing my clear glass coffee mug
with the gang over at Elizabeth's
T Tuesday blog hop...
Mickey looks like he's enjoying
his break with a doughnut!
This mug appeals to me
just because it's clear glass. Whatever
beverage you are drinking shows
through, which is kind of fun
...and of course you can't
go wrong with Mickey Mouse!
Again, the proportions of the mug 
aren't quite right, and trying to convey
the clear glass reflections
is always a challenge. But the more
you practice, the more it helps.
At least in theory...

Whether you're having something
cold to drink...

or a magic potion...

join us for a beverage and
a chat over at Elizabeth's blog.
You can even visit some classic
blog posts for the second time around
as a bonus. 

♦ ◘ ♦ 


  1. I thought doughnuts were craved by police officers, not from coffee (tee hee). Loved the mug, though. You are too hard on yourself. I don't see any imperfections in the mug.

    Dianne, you should join Moo Mania and more with your magic potion idea because this week is (or maybe the theme is over by now) bottles. You draw them so well, and I like them much better than anything that you could give me from Mickey D's. Seems it was a true Mickey T this week.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely glass mug with us for T this Tuesday. It's a true beauty.

  2. Your sketches are brilliant Dianne! I love the glass mug; Mickey is always a winner isn't he, lol. The potions and broom sketch is a lot of fun. I wonder what's in the bottles. :D
    Many thanks for your comment on my post. I hope the mojo flow keeps happening so Wee Man and I will complete everything over the Summer. {{Hugs}}} :o) xo

  3. your sketches are fantastic Dianne-great job with the clear glass mug! Happy T day!

  4. Super drawings as always Dianne! I too like clear containers for all sorts of things
    Happy T Day
    Happy June!

  5. Coffee and donuts go great together--Just look how happy Mickey looks! I'll stick to my tea and cookies though! Fun post and I always admire your drawing talent.

  6. Oh, I love them both--Mickey and McDonalds!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  7. Drawing glass is so challenging. You did a great job with Micky.


  8. Love your drawings!It is hard to desig glass.I guess I can't. Love your pieces!


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