Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tea or Coffee?

"This is what we do."

"We have fun."

Life was so much simpler
in elementary school...

...a wonky drawing of a tall-ish
square-ish coffee mug...
and some fun quotes. It's
also an example of what happens
when you watercolor over a pen
drawing that you thought was
permanent, and then discover
that it's 'not quite permanent'
after all. But the fuzziness isn't
too unappealing...

...an observation about one
of my favorite British tv shows,
Midsomer Murders. (click on the
image for a larger view)

Linking up with the
T Tuesday gang over at
Altered Book Lover blog...

"We have fun."


  1. Drink good coffee, read good books! Yes! :)

    I think of Poirot and his delicate attitude towards beverages. Can you imagine what he's say to a tea bag? lol

  2. To me there is always something comforting about a cup of tea...add a book and I am perfectly content! I like your big tall mug despite the watercolor blurring.

  3. I agree the aroma of fresh coffee was the best thing ever invented!!!!

    As always super great work Dianne!

    Happy T-say

  4. Great take on Midsomer Murders. I've seen several British shows lately, and they often say they are putting on the pot. Somehow, I doubt it has the same ring to is "I'll pour you a cup of coffee." And I'll be the first to admit I've had some REALLY bad coffee.

    Your other collages are gorgeous. I wish I could find the types of books you buy that have the old drawings in them. Yours (and your math books) are wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing Tea and a mug of coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Hehe, I had to laugh at that last page. No, I don't think there is such a thing as a bad cup of tea. :)

  6. the problem with monitoring and publishing comments from my smart phone is that it's really easy to accidentally reject/delete one! so...here's a copy of said comment from Patty...sorry Patty!

    ~*~Patty S has left a new comment on your post "Tea or Coffee?":

    So true about tea being the answer for everything...
    Midsommer Murders is a fav of mine too...the village and garden scenes...ahhh.
    All of the BBC productions are very entertaining and most of them are definitely my cup of tea ;-)
    I see nothing unappealing whatsoever in any of what you create!
    Quite the contrary...always a visual treat.
    Hugh Jackmann is right too.
    Happy T Day

  7. What a fabulous post from you, the art, the quotes, the humour and a nice cup o' tea. No such thing as a bad cuppa, unless it's got way too much milk in it. Blech!! Lol. Happy T Day :o))

  8. Oh my mother in law loved Midsommer Murders.. i have never watched... i may have to.. Love what you've created..thanks so much for sharing this tday!! Hugs! deb

  9. Great art!!!! I also love watching those British shows :)

  10. What fun! I like Midsommer Murders too and it seems in British programs a cup of tea is the answer to everything - even if it takes place in a police procedural setting.



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