Friday, January 11, 2013

Journal Pages: Shabby Chic Wedding & Collage

Art journal collages
created from assorted fabric and
ephemera -- some gifted by friends.
In my larger mixed media journal...
only a few pages left in it!

Lists and quotes, above.
In my Smash journal...

The apple tree is my drawing, as well as
the frog. The planets are a magazine clipping...
bits of doodles and a scrap of painted paper
complete the page.

'Shabby Chic' wedding decor photos.
These were taken on my dining room table in order
to plan the reception table arrangements. Each table
had a different assortment. I took a photo of each
arrangement and taped it to the box which contained
the items for that arrangement. A lot of work, but it
enabled people to set them up at the reception venue
without me having to do each one myself.
(An idea from Pinterest!) It did make the 
reception decorating go smoothly!

The reception decor included:
Vintage bottles and vases decorated with
burlap, lace and muslin roses; silk flowers,
aluminum trays and bowls, vintage books,
wooden crates, doilies, and canning jars with
candles inside.  Various decorations
on bottles also included fabric tags,
keys, buttons, old earrings or pins,
and vintage paper from dictionaries 
or music sheets.

One lesson learned:  use votive candles that are
in a small glass container, then put that in the mason jar.
Our votive candles melted into little puddles very
quickly and didn't last the 3-5 hrs. advertised on 
the package, because the container wasn't 
the right size. All in all, though, the bride was 
very happy with the effect of the table decor.
I just wish I had better photos. The wedding photographer
didn't take many photos of the table decor, so
if you want the photographer to do so, be sure to
specifically ask for that!

These photos are included in my Smash book,
which is just an assortment of collages that
I create with scraps I have on hand--whatever
seems right at the moment.


  1. Lovely pages and I love the vintage decor idea of a wedding!!

  2. Your collage pages are wonderful. I love the non-painted look, with the focus on the collage images.

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