Friday, January 18, 2013

Faces in my Art Journal

Face, above--made up
on the spur of the moment--
the proportions are a bit off...
collage includes fabric and
tiny collages from scraps of paper.

Sketch of "Dr. Bramwell,"
a British television show featuring
a woman doctor, in a time when women
were not accepted in such professions.
I drew this actress from the tv.

So much that I could be doing...
having difficulty prioritizing it all!
I was researching 'scrapbooking quotes'
on the web, and came across a
funny one. Probably won't use it in
my scrapbook, but it gave me a laugh:

"Want to see a magic trick?
Just sit down in front of the computer
and watch the day disappear!"

All too true...


  1. Lovely! The second scan makes me think of Laura (all grown up) from Little House on the Prairie. :) You are so talented!!

  2. Lovely artwork, Dianne, as usual. You have such great style.

  3. Some great pages here - very inspiring thanks for the visit


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