Friday, January 25, 2013

Hazy Shade of Winter. Journal Pages.

Collage in my Smash Book:
my drawing of a leafless tree,
stamps, fabric, paper,
lining from an envelope,
scrapbook quote "delight in the day."

I really liked the quote from the book I
just finished reading~ Mary Queen of Scotland
and the Isles, by Margaret George:
"Hope is a straw hat hanging beside
a window covered in frost."
Queen Mary spent a lot of her life being
manipulated or imprisoned. A sad story,
but a pretty good read.

Collage in fabrics, assorted papers,
stitching, and a bit of wallpaper scrap.
The black spirals were stamped on waxed paper
left from protecting my work surface.
I originally was looking for waxed paper to
put between the pages to dry, but thought 
this was a good addition to the piece.
There is also gold spray on the wax paper
as well, which you probably can't see
in this scan...

Collage with painted and stamped background.
Hand-carved stamps, hand-drawn labels and
flowers in pen & watercolor.
The safety pin image came from 
Christine Clemmensen.
"Never be afraid to grow."
"You can't reap what you don't sow."
quotes from the movie, "The Lorax."
Good things for 'grown-ups' to remember too...


  1. the never be afraid to grow page is really lovely... and I really like the line work in it...xx

  2. These are lovely pages, I really like your lettering and your line/ink work. It makes the pages look light and free. Grow is my word for 2013 so I'm definitely going to borrow that Lorax quote!

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