Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Collages: Fabric, Painted Paper Scraps

The little Bits and Pieces
journal is filling up.
Cover collage shown above.

Two collages in the Bits and Pieces journal,
(above and below) using painted papers
and scraps. I drew a 'wonky' bit of
pen border around the collages.

Below, Smash book pages.
The Smash book products seem to be
an outgrowth from the scrapbooking industry,
with a little more randomness. Basically 
I just use it as an art journal, enjoying the
spiral bound cardstock pages.

If I like the background provided, I 
incorporate it into the page. If not,
I just cover it up.

These two pages also are scraps of stuff
I've saved as "too good to throw away."
The fashion drawing came from notes
that I carried around in my purse until it was
full, then it became collage fodder.

Notes to myself, sketches from Christmas projects,
scrapbook papers and stickers, patterned tape,
a pocket made from an envelope.

The flap of the pocket open and the
loose leaf notes partially shown.
I still need to finish the bit of collage
on the inside of the pocket flap.
The sketch shown was for a fabric collage
that I made for gifts in 2010, and I've 
noticed that the image has turned up
on Pinterest. You can see the post here.

Tag, you're it!


  1. I love how you take bits and pieces and make them look like they were meant for each other!

  2. Your "wonky" page frames are so awesome. You have a real knack for that.

    BTW, I am SO proud to be the recipient of one of those 2010 tags. It still hangs proudly on my craft room bulletin board.

  3. I love the wonky pen border! The cover is lovely.

  4. I came over from Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blog. I'm pretty new to mixed media and collage work but after taking Elizabeth's altered book course--I'm hooked! You do lovely work & I enjoyed looking back through some of your journal page posts.

  5. Wow...these journal pages are awesome! Love the colors and elements... :)


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