Friday, November 9, 2012

Pop Ups and Links

Experiencing some problems with my blog,
and would appreciate any suggestions
on how to fix them!

A bunch of links have been created in
my blog text which I did not put there.
Sorry for the annoyance of this!
I have noticed it on some other blogs too...
will try to figure out how to remove these
as I did not authorize these ads.
Also getting a lot of pop-up ads 
on my computer, so will have to do some
investigation and 'house-cleaning.'

Any ideas on how to deal with this
would be very appreciated!
Please leave a comment if you
know how to fix this...I would love your help!


Post script:
I changed my password,
scanned the computer with two different
anti-virus programs and neither helped.
We finally just removed the FireFox browser
from the computer and are now using Chrome,
which seems to be working much better.
I did remember to make a list of all of my
Bookmarks on Firefox before we took it off,
so I'll still be able to find all the 
cool blogs and sites I've found.
What are your tips for preventing or fixing
a similar issue?


  1. Hey mom.... Change your password, you got hacked. :( Love you!

  2. I changed the password on my gmail account, but that doesn't seem to have solved the problem.

  3. I had that same problem for days and days and days. I even had X-rated ads that popped up every time I tried to create a post. I ran two FREE programs which are downloadable and one or the other got rid of them. One is SpyBot Search and Destroy. The other is AdAware. You'll need to do an internet search to find their exact site. Be sure you go to the EXACT web sites, not some third party site that ends up trying to make you pay for something, or get you to add extra software on your computer. I can only hope that helps. Yep, you got a virus, but one of the above programs will hopefully get rid of the problem. Since I ran both programs at the same time, I can't remember which one did the most good.

  4. How frustrating!Hope your computer issues are getting better.

  5. I have had browser trouble, too, but now that I'm using Safari on a Mac I don't have as many. I think it might have been Firefox, but it could have been a hack.

    Love that image!


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