Monday, November 12, 2012

Ephemera Give Away

This is post number 300!
To celebrate, I am doing a
Give Away.
One person will win a package
of over 40 pieces of ephemera,
shown above and below.
The largest pieces are 9 1/2" x 7 1/2".

The Give Away Package includes
vintage wall paper, scraps of fabric, papers,
numbers, scrapbook papers, and die cut labels.
 These are things that I use in my
art journals, of which I have enough to share. 
And I expect I will discover more things to add
to the package that are not shown here!
Some labels that I drew and painted
will also be included, below.

If you would like to be in the drawing,
please leave a comment on this post.
Make sure your contact information is accessible-
either shown on your blog, or leave your email address
in your comment.  I will draw the winner's name
on Sunday at midnight, Nov. 25, 2012.
I will post the winner's name on my blog the following week.
 Thanks to all my visitors, especially those
who leave comments. You are an encouragement!
It is a terrific way to 'meet' other artists...I love
finding new blogs and websites, and see
what creative things you are doing.
Leave a comment, and good luck!


  1. Hi, Dianne -- I would LOVE to win your give-away package of goodies. I always enjoy reading your blog and love your art journaling style. Thanks so much! Kris at

  2. I just saw you changed your browser. I wonder if Firefox is MY problem, too, since I still can't see my followers, my clocks, my search bar, and any Linky type links, including the ones I create. For some reason, I keep thinking it's Blogger. Your problem, on the other hand, was definitely a browser problem. Glad it is working better.

  3. I came over from Bleubeard and Elizabeth's place. Enjoyed looking back through some of your journal pages. I do some mixed media art but more pen and ink. Would love to enter your drawing. I'll be back.


  4. Ooh, I'm a wallpaper junkie.
    Congratulations on your blog!

  5. I am a winner and I would sure love to win this package. Your blog is great and I sometimes wonder - if mine is being seen. lmdyment(at) Thanks.

  6. What a fabulous goodie package. Who doesn't love ephemera?

    I found out about your blog and giveaway from Elizabeth of Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

  7. Hello Dianne ~
    Elizabeth (and Bleubeard) sent me :)
    You are very generous, thanks so much for the chance to be the lucky winner of your giveaway

  8. I'm another visitor from Elizabeth and Bleubeard's page. I would love to win your package but I am in Australia so that might exempt me. I liked having a look around your blog and will visit again. One of the things I really like about Elizabeth's is that she includes lots of links and so I get to visit pages I would never know about. Its all a big learning curve for me. Thanks everybody.
    My contact is

  9. Congrats on your 300th post! I am not doing mixed media art right now so I'll leave the prize for someone else, but thanks for the chance! HPPF!

  10. I'd love a chance at the ephemera pack Dianne! Thank you.

  11. Wow congratulations! Keep going and I'll keep reading :)

  12. Hey, I want this! It's very generous of you to do this, and I love it that you've included labels you've made yourself!

    Congratulations! A milestone!

  13. Congratulations!
    I would love to enter your lovely giveaway if I may?

  14. International entries and comments for the Give Away are welcome! thank you...


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