Monday, May 21, 2012

Journal Pages: Doodles, Sketch, and Collage

Tempera paint on typing paper--created
while my grandkids painted too.
Doodles added using Sakura
white Gelly Roll pen. Originally to be
torn up and used in collage, but
decided to paste it whole
into my art journal!

Sketch in purple crayon~
toddler watching television...
admit it, you would like to
watch tv in your underwear too!
(click to view larger image, hopefully
you can see it better)

Collage borders from fabric, paper,
and drawings...waiting for writing
or more images.

On journal pages that are filled
with hand-written notes, I like
to add a little color. These
are tags collaged at the bottom
of the page.

Collage from a map, doodles,
a stamped image salvaged from an
envelope, drawing and writing.

When I won a give-away over at
Christine Cemmonson's blog, she
sent me some wonderful ephemera.
The chickens are from her stash.
It is a good challenge to
combine unrelated images and 
rather use them as Color, Shape,
Size and Value in the composition.

I have been wondering if I should
do the Index Card A Day challenge
over at Daisy Yellow again this year.
What do you think?


  1. I am in love with your first photo! So colorful and great movement!!

  2. I love your work, Diane, it is so full of color and detail.

  3. wow, awesome journal pages and I LOVE the purple crayon sketch! You have fantastic talent! I love that you create from your Pinterest pins and would love for you to back link a previous project up with us! It doesn't have to be newly created! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. this is an especially fun post Dianne

    you made me laugh out loud about watching TV in your underwear...I actually remember standing in the lr in my slip when The Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan hah
    great sketch
    and your doodled page is brilliant...great use of the white gel pen!

  5. Hey, I don't blame you for pasting that whole page in your journal! I love your page. I enjoy using gelly roll pens, too. When you use tempera paints, can you put glaze on them? I'd love to glaze them or seal them with gloss medium or somehting. But I get the feeling they are not moisture proof and will run.

  6. It can't possibly be this long since I've visited! But it HAS been. I wish you were writing my AB lessons: the ones I struggled with and you do so well.

    I would LOVE, LOVE to see your 30 days of Index Cards (or ICAD) again this year. It's a perfect way to work into summer, a great exercise, and a lot of fun for your readers. You know!!THE ONES WHO actually had time to visit the past couple of weeks (grin).

    At least I can wish you a wonderful Memorial Day!

  7. The first project on this post is just beautiful! :-)

  8. Hi! Can I use your first project to illustrate one of my blog-posts?

  9. Klaudia~could you please send me a link to your blog, or your email address?


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