Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fake Journal. The End

Watercolor, Sharpie pen and
red gel pen on paper in Fake Journal.
The last entry on April 30th.

In 1938, Kandinsky painted
mythical creatures in a 
cosmic world...

In 2012 popular culture,
we create mythic creatures in
a cyberspace universe...


  1. I have really enjoyed your take on IFJM! It's been fascinating to see the same subject portrayed differently and the interplay of traditional and contemporary Japanese styles. Thanks for allowing us to come along.

  2. I love Kandinsky!! yay!!

    You were thinking of me when you did this, weren't you?

  3. There are so many wonderful things about this final April post. From the two frames, each totally different, to the characters, primarily Japanese, these two pages exude a character of its own. They are truly the icing on the overly indulgent cake!!


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