Saturday, May 12, 2012

Action Words: Art Journal Pages

Visual journal pages continued
in my spiral mixed-media sketchbook
while I worked in the Fake Journal.

I tend to save small scraps, and often
put them in a plastic baggie to take along
with me. They are great to create journal pages
by just combining disparate scraps.
Then I often come back to the collage
later and add the written words
or more drawing.

Watercolor, scrapbook paper, gouache,
Sharpie pen, and painted papers.
I made the little "journaling labels" myself,
using watercolor and pen.

What are the Action Words
 that you use?


  1. Inspiring pages, Diane! Last week I met with my art friends and I shared the "color swap" pages we did last year. They all loved your work!

  2. I am totally that's not strong enough...I am _______(some really immensely amazing, awestruck word) ....about the dimension you were able to create in the second photo/scan page.

  3. I agree with Halle about the depth and dimension you achieved with the shading of that second photo. Of course, I had to agree with you on time influencing your priorities, and I learned something about you and your art when I read you worked in a tee-shirt shop. I have NEVER felt anything you made was "cartoon-y" because I have always believed your art is truly "ART."

    Glad to see these pages in this journal.


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