Monday, May 16, 2011

Visual Art Journal Pages

A page in my spiral bound
visual art journal. Watercolor and pen.
A folk-art style drawing.
Click on any image to enlarge.

Pages from the Scrappy Green Journal.
Background inked and written over
in pen. White gel pen on 
magazine illustration.
Bits of ephemera collaged on also.

Fun stitching provided by Elizabeth,
creating spaces to write...

Also in the Scrappy Green Journal:
Count your shoes...
the one with the most, wins!
"Fashion fades, only style
remains the same."  ~Coco Chanel

Draw something today...
as the top page says, don't think about
what the thing that you are drawing is.
Just look at the shapes and spaces
in relationship to each other.
Draw from real life.
Practice. A lot.
It gets easier.
And more fun!


  1. I love the page with the tree. And as for art being a waste of time or therapy, just consider everything you do that gives you joy a useful way to spend time. ;-)

  2. I visited you! Thanks for the invite and link! It looks like you have lots of fun with your art journal and mixed-media. When I decided that I wanted to try keeping a travel sketchbook, it was because of Gwen Diehn's book - The Decorated Page. She is an artist, bookbinder, and papermaker so that is the pathway I followed. She is now a friend and sketches with us when she visits New York. Her two books - Decorated Page (out of print) and Decorated journal are being combined, edited, and republished within the next year and a profile of me and some of my sketchbook pages are in it! Isn't that fun! I didn't really try mixed media until I met my friends in our 5 person Journal Study Group so now I'm drawing, painting, and adding some stamps I make and collage - sometimes.

    Have fun with art!

  3. What AWESOME pages. I'm totally impressed. Although I can't draw at all (and yes, I've tried), I love seeing what you are making. Your visual journals are so full of fun art and inspiring words of wisdom. Gotta love that because you are ALWAYS so upbeat about your art.

  4. Beautiful pages, especially the top one. There's something magical about working with the simplest of mediums to create stunning artwork.

  5. Nice. I like the page that talks about seeing. That makes such a difference!

  6. Beauuutiful pages. Truly inpiring! Thank you for sharing

  7. Love all the pages! Looking forward for more from your blog!


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