Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love and an Editorial

I think that we over use the word "love."
We say that we "love a color," or that we "love
 a piece of art,"  when we really
mean that we take pleasure in it.
It is not a 'strong affection due to kinship'
or 'attraction based on sexual desire.'
It could be affection based on admiration,
benevolence or common interests,
as in "I love the work of
Teesha Moore."  I don't think it's
"warm attachment, enthusiasm or devotion--
as in love of the sea "-- but it could be
I suppose...It's not Godly love or
brotherly love, or a love affair.
Definitely NOT a score of zero in
tennis.  To hold dear, or cherish?
To thrive in?  As in 'a rose thrives
in sunlight?'
I thrive as long as I can
make art.

(definitions from Webster's
 collegiate dictionary)


  1. Yes! Your editorial was right on the money. I fear I've been guilty of that "love of something" inanimate. I suspect we use a lot of words recklessly. Very well done, Dianne.

  2. I Love the word fact I think it should be capitalized...just saying!

    I vote for more Love ;)

    Happy almost weekend Dianne!


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