Monday, May 9, 2011

Fifties Fashion Tribute

copyright A. Janet Burggraf Bishop

Drawings by my mother, 
when she was in high school.
Pen and ink on paper,
with crayons or colored pencils.
Another post of my mom's
drawings is shown at right
in Popular Posts sidebar:
"Fifties Fashion."

 Drawn from magazines or
dress patterns.
Click on any image to enlarge.
You can see the quality of the
lines. She used a pen nib
dipped in India ink.

Even in the fifties, it appears
that the models were extremely thin.

My mom always supported my desire
to make art.  I drew paper dolls
and 'girls' when I was growing up too.

Thanks Mom!

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  1. I enlarged each one and admired them all. This is one pretty special collection of Fifties fashion. And I am impressed that it is still intact.


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