Thursday, July 29, 2010

Small Things

A very quick journal page in
my hard-back art journal...
this started with writing down the haiku
then adding the quote from a book
that I was reading. ( I recommend it by the way. It is actually for young readers, but definitely fun!)
These were written down several days apart.
Then some leftover scraps of fabric
were added, and some painted paper.
I really liked the color & pattern
combinations of

these scraps, so even though they were only
about one-half inch in size, I slapped them
on the page anyway, and then
added doodles.
I don't usually leave the page white, and
am wondering if I should add a watercolor
wash, but hesitate to mess it up. Will live
with it for a while and revisit the decision.
The dots are from punching holes for
binding an art swap project...again-
I couldn't just throw them away.
The colors were fun and
added whimsy!


  1. What a clever way to use even the smallest scraps. I'm always impressed that you never throw anything, no matter how small, away. I love that concept. I also recognized the tiny dots. I had a few like that, too. However, unlike you, I never even considered tying them together with doodle lines.

    I've written one haiku in my life and it took me forever to do it. I am in awe of your poetry skills, too. You have SUCH talent, Dianne.

  2. wonderful page Dianne, the close up is super

    Love the bits of fabric very much and the white background makes them pop ... I also admire you use of the dots ... my kind of gal ... way too nice to throw those away ;)

  3. I think your journal page is very lively...I really like it. I think the white background is great...not so much white it over powers the page but helps the black sketching stand out. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.


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