Thursday, July 15, 2010

Illustrations in my Art Journal

Pen and watercolor in my Art Journal.
Reflections and sights from a visit
to "Amish country" in Ohio.
An Amish community that is
affluent from the tourism,
but that very tourism has created
what could be considered an
adverse effect on the area.

The Amish continue to follow their
'plain' lifestyle, but many gift shops,
antique malls, and other businesses
have made the area much more commercial.
It is still a beautiful rural area, but
also much changed.
You can still see baby Swiss cheese being
made, buy Amish baked goods at the
bakery or market, or purchase a
hand-quilted quilt.
I always enjoy seeing the barefoot children,
the horse and buggies, and colorful laundry
blowing in the breeze on the line.
A lot of the Amish were
riding their bicycles. A local auction
caused some interesting sights
created by Amish families hauling their
purchases home in their wagon or buggy.
A delightful day-trip on a sunny summer day...


  1. Beautiful illustrations of these people who live such a simple life. You have captured them well, right down to the lady in her hat. And the picture is so accurate in other ways, too. No "distracting" electric or phone lines going from the road to the house.

    In our area, the Amish themselves have gone commercial, opening shops that hold their crafts, wares, and of course, the biggest cinnamon rolls on the planet. They're even sold in a local fast food burger chain, now.

    Lovely visual tribute to a society that has changed so little over time.

  2. Lovely water colors! Thanks for sharing them.
    All my best-

  3. What beautiful paintings, thank you for sharing

  4. Okay, THIS is something I would love to do!

    Your pages are so pretty. You always seem patient and have a delicate hand.

  5. what delicate beauty, lovely.

    and amish + gift shops sounds so incongrous together!


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