Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Journal Gift

I have received a wonderful gift
from Elizabeth of the Altered Book Lover blog.
She constructed this lovely journal from paper
and fabric, fiber and scraps. It is a joy!
The cover is a green cotton with a sheer
fabric overlay that has a glittery pattern.
The ribbon is also sheer with gold

Inside the front cover is sewn
a pocket from fabric with a "country" design.
The pocket has two narrow sections
sewn vertically.

Above, are my additions to the journal cover.
I sewed on two mini-collages
that are 1 1/2 inches square.
The vertical rectangle is a "Moo Card"
that I made from another mini collage
and had color copied. I hand sewed them
to the cover with embroidery floss.
The words were stamped on fabric
that has been painted with
craft acrylic paints, and then glued on.

On the inside cover, to hide
the back side of my stitching, I glued
on some hand-made paper
and another mini-collage.
The hand-made paper is also a gift
from Elizabeth (many years ago...
ok, I've been kinda hoarding this!)
and its texture is wonderful.
I created a tag (on the right) and
a narrow envelope (left) to hold the lovely note
that Elizabeth sent with my surprise package.

There are so many beautiful pages
to play with in this journal,
and it will be challenging for me
to work in it, because I find myself
not wanting to cover up anything!
But I know it's meant for more art-making,
and I am so lucky to have a friend
in Elizabeth! She has been a faithful
"Swap" coordinator, and has
been a wonderful teacher in
all things 'altered books...'
I hope you'll visit Elizabeth's
blog Altered Book Lover to see
her adventures in art.
Thanks for all you do E!


  1. What wonderful additions you have made to this book already. And even before you have even touched a single page!

    I am totally honored to have made this for you and appreciate all the lovely gifts you have made me throughout the years. This just reinforces the idea that you will turn this book into a true work of art. Thank you for such wonderful words, too. I greatly appreciate it.

  2. You've made some great additions to an already great book! What a beautiful collaboration.
    Happy days,

  3. Ah, how lovely - you have a lily to gild! Will watch your progress with green eyed interest!

  4. Lovely way to make Elizabeth's beautiful journal your own Dianne ... great cover and photos on your lovely blog!

  5. Love the fun additions you've made to the journal so far. I think it will be really fun to play around with.

  6. Oh, come ON! This is lovely!

    Do you not just LOVE little gifties like this? I know your drawing and painting skills will really find a good home, here.

    I like those mini collages.


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