Monday, April 19, 2010

French Fashion Exhaustion

Doodle/drawing from an old sketchbook, 2007. (For a larger view, click on the image.) Phrases were lifted from a Vogue magazine, and sketches drawn from the same magazine.
Includes ball point pen, purple permanent marker and watercolors. This sketchbook is square, so I wasn't able to get all of the image on the scanner. You can't see all of "intense
colors express who you are" and the phrase "Extremely Cultured." You can see that some of the women's heads were drawn on lined notebook paper, then torn out and collaged into my sketchbook. Not exactly "high art" but it still makes me smile for some reason! Hope you enjoy it...


  1. It makes ME smile, too. I am in awe of how you melded the the sketches on lined paper with the other images in the book. I also noticed how you added watercolors to the sketches and carried that onto the journal page. This is one stunning piece where everything seems to fit in just the right spot!

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