Monday, February 15, 2010

Trees in my Art

Pen sketch in my art journal
Woodpile under snow
Jan. 2009
You can see the Maple tree in the background,
along with Pines and a Pin Oak...

Watercolor done while painting with a friend.
Portion torn from practice page & mounted
in my art journal, 2009

Pen drawing inspired by Klee's art,
especially the "Twittering Machine"

My first ever "Tip-In" for an altered book swap!
Watercolor and collage

Watercolor in my art journal
Lake Erie park

Pencil sketch from a Chinese art scroll
by Dong Qichang, Toledo Art Museum.
Watercolor added after returning home
This scroll was housed in a glass case, and
the lights came on in the room as you entered, in order
to minimize light damage to the colors. As I stood and sketched,
the lights went out because I hadn't moved much, so I had to
walk around a bit every few minutes to keep the lights on
while I sketched!

Pen and colored pencil in art journal,
from a National Geographic magazine photo.
Ruins of sculpture (South America or Mexico?)

Pencil sketch done in my sketchbook/art journal, 2001
Camp Avery Hand, Ohio (a Boy Scout Camp)
Had to darken the scan a bit...

Trees are a recurring image in my art.
I am intrigued by their variety of texture,
shape and personality. Bare winter trees
are even more interesting to me
as they have a sculptural quality
silhouetted against the sky.

Dawn asked if I have different journals for different media. I actually work in a journal until it's full, so the different media are all mixed in one book. It usually takes me a couple of years to fill a sketchbook/art journal.(So I am not terribly prolific!) I have one main art journal at a time, but might work in other smaller journals sporadically. This blog has served to inspire me to make something to post at least once a week!

In looking at my older sketchbooks, I did a lot of note-taking about composition, media techniques and ideas to be explored. I also enjoy collecting quotes about visual art, music and creativity, so those are also found in my journals. I believe an art journal should be whatever you want it to be, so pretty much anything goes. I have been known to glue in brochures from museum visits, write in notes from the exhibits I saw there, or paste in magazine clippings that I like or think might inspire some artwork later. The art in my journals reflects where I am in my development as an artist, so my older journals tend to have more drawings & watercolor work in them. As I've experimented with mixed media and combining elements of painted papers, drawing, fabric, and hand-carved stamps in collage, that is reflected in my art journal as well. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. I hope you will act on that inspiration and create some art!


  1. You have been one BUSY gal. Like you, I love trees in winter. They have such a sculptural quality to them.

    Glad to read you entered the world of tip-ins. When did you make this?

    I love every image in this post. I wish I could stay and comment on each, but I have a giveaway to take care of. More later.

  2. Beautiful! I love trees as well. My drawing skill is not as advanced as yours to say the least. The watercolors you did are my favorites.

  3. Love them all and also your great artist quotes! xo Lou
    PS-Have fun in Florida and hope hubby recoups!

  4. I love these sketches. Pen and ink and watercolor wash have been a favorite of mine for years.

    I also love the quotes. Your journal inspires me. (I think I told you that. :) )

  5. Just beautiful Dianne and all so different too! I love that you work with so many different mediums - are they all in the same journal or do you have one for pencil, watercolor, etc.?

    Keep up the wonderful work - will we be seeing some palm trees soon?

  6. oh, these are amazing to me. i have always wanted to sketch and fill books with sketches!

    love the colors, too. but Trees are my Favorite!


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