Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ocean Colors

Panama City Beach, Florida
February 2010

White sand
the sparkle of diamonds on waves...
no snow!


  1. Looks wonderful! Looks like you have a beautiful beach and sunshine... enjoy your vacation!

  2. Oh, beautiful! Would love to be there instead of here right now!!

  3. I take it you are on vacation. How wonderful to find warmth, sand, sun, and fun. Have a great trip.

  4. Gorgeous! It looks sort of cold though - or is that just sort of a dark day? Can you swim in it this time of year? Never been to FL. Enjoy your time away - we are getting snow again - maybe 6" plus...

  5. It is unseasonably cold for Fla. this Feb on the Gulf...has been down to 32 degrees several nights. The water is too cold for swimming--I think--but some brave souls get out there. Saw one guy in a wet suit with his surf board, but the waves really aren't big enough to get very far on the board. I just love to walk on the beach, though...the sky & waves look different each day and the sound of the surf is very soothing. The warmest day we've had was in the mid 60's, but way better than a couple of feet of snow!


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