Monday, October 12, 2009

More Mail Art

Muslin painted & stamped with acrylics,
drawing with permanent marker,
a little sparkle added with gel pen.

Painted, pieced, embroidered,
stamped, and drawing in
permanent marker.

Happy autumn to all!

End-Of-Summer Poem
by Rowena Bastin Bennett
The little songs of summer are all gone today.
The little insect instruments are all packed away;
The bumblebee's snare drum, the grasshopper's guitar,
The katydid's castanets--I wonder where they are.
The bullfrog's banjo, the cricket's violin,
The dragonfly's cello have ceased their merry din.
Oh, where is the orchestra? From harpist down to drummer
They've all disappeared with the passing of the summer.


  1. What a beautiful poem along with beautfiul artwork!

  2. I have a beautiful Autumn greeting postcard that arrived at my house, from you. Thank you so much. :)Bea

  3. Hey, thank you for your visit, and these are SO pretty! I love all the layer and texture. I love fall and leaves and these colors you've used. Been a bit slow on the art side lately and autumn always reinvigorates, doesn't it?

  4. Dianne, thank you so much for the beautiful postcard. I love that it's fabric. Thank you for thinking of me even though I'm far away. Miss you xoxo

  5. Your muslin pieces are gorgeous. I would LOVE to know how you colored the muslin. Your completed pieces are simply stunning.

  6. I really love your style! These are wonderful, exciting, compelling and fun!


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