Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn Greeting

More quilted postcards...
painted white muslin fabric with acrylic paints
using a brush to quickly blend colors.
I hung the fabric up to dry overnight, and
pressed with an iron on the back side the next day.

Painted muslin was then stamped with black acrylic
using hand-carved stamps, painted free hand with a brush,
and details drawn in Sharpie permanent marker.
Some hand quilting through top two layers
(batting and the painted muslin.)
Machine quilting through the 3 layers of
muslin, batting and cardstock backing.
Zigzag stitch around the outside edge.
We'll see if the puffy results makes it
through the U.S. mail. I have received
wonderful PCs from others, and most seem
to have used interfacing as the "batting"
in between layers, and therefore more flat.

If you try machine quilting on paper, keep in
mind not to make stitches too close together,
as it creates an almost "perforated" area
which could tear easily. The paper backing
helps to make the postcard stiffer and presumably
more likely to make it through the mail system...


  1. these postcards are so pretty, I love them

  2. Hi Dianne, I'd love to be on your bloglist! I have just started reading your blog - I like these postcards very much. See you soon.

  3. Dianne, they're wonderful! I love the colors!

  4. As always, I am in awe of the colors, composition, and hand made stamps that compliment your artwork.

    I totally agree about stitching on paper. Once I got my stitches so small, the piece simply fell out of the page. Such good advice for those just learning altered art on fabric.

  5. Using the checkered stamp for these cards really enhances the quilting! I love them!


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