Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pebbles in my Journal

Doodling patterns can be soothing...
not sure if these combinations
really work for me...

Sometimes I think we are so busy
thinking of what we are going to say next
that we aren't truly listening
to what is being said...
I am guilty of that.


  1. Many, many years ago when I was in a theater company our director once told us that the only really good actors LISTENED to what was being said and then responded with their lines. Because if they were really listening and in character their lines would come naturally and with conviction.
    For many years I had to teach myself not to take what some one was saying as personal. I had to learn to stop, LISTEN and hear what was behind their statement.
    Good Post and great doodles. :)Bea

  2. What I most like about this piece is the artwork was done using black ink. You showed that listening was possible when color was not part of the mix.

  3. OOooh! I'm excited to have discovered your blog, thanks to you discovering mine by searching "bead!" Hooray for search engines.

    I love these two doodle pieces, especially the second. Funny, I've not "related" particularly to art with words incorporated, but lately I've run into several pieces where the words and drawings are part of the same "book" combining to make visual art more meaningful. Your pieces are good examples of that.


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