Monday, April 6, 2009


Art journal page, drawn in gel pen
while riding in the car...I was looking in the mirror on the
passenger side visor (no, I wasn't driving!)
which may account for some distortion.
Features seem elongated but a quick sketch is
always a good drawing exercise.
I like gel pens for drawing, but
have to be careful because they do tend to
take time to dry and can smear easily.
For drawings which color will be added to,
I usually use a Pigma Micron or Sharpie permanent
marker. Sometimes I paint first and then add any
pen work that is needed.


  1. You are very good Dianne. I guess I should try the pens. So far I just draw with pencils.


  2. Beatiful. As I always say, you are SO talented. What a great way to pass time in a vehicle.

  3. It's a great drawing, but I don't think it looks like you. Maybe I'm so used to your warm smile, though!

  4. I am amazed that you were able to do this in a moving car! I enjoyed looking at all of your art here. It is nice that you share tidbits of your artistic process.


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